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Site owner opinion:  At fast take my cordial love. Hi I am Ahamad sajal, BarisalBangladesh. This is my first website. For this if you find any wrong kindly you may be inform me.

In, I have attempted to make the understanding of all the diseases information with their symptoms, causes, and treatment options. I cover in details every aspect of an ailment starting from cause of an illness, the symptoms, to the cure and precautions to be taken. Information on many injuries on various body parts like chest, ankle, back, head etc to help you cope with them. It also warns of the side effects of certain medication and action to be taken in case of emergency.

Timely Discovery of an ailment, its cure and finally its prevention are some of the topics health with in this site. The human body is still very much an enigma in more ways than one. As newer secrets of the body unfold, better investigations are available, improved cures are discovered as also additional diseases. Modern medical science has already taken out over some traditional medicines, and will doubtless to do so.

Health is the normal state of the body, and it is a condition that may be recognized readily. Its indications may be described as similar even in widely varying types of persons. Also, as a rule, there is a general similarity in the energy and efficiency of the organic and mental processes that reflect normal health. 


Aysha kotag

Pantho Sorok (Masjid Golli) 

Vatikhana Puraton Bakla


Postal Code- 8200

Mobile: +8801735801189

All suggestions are only fast aid for diseases 

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